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Children of Isaac Popplewell Jr.

Isaac Jr. is the son of Isaac Popplewell Sr. and Elizabeth Flint. He was born in Adair Co. Kentucky, January 02, 1804. He married Susannah Chamberlain November 30, l824. Susannah was the daughter of Davis Chamberlain and Margaret Mason. They were the proud parents of 13 children. Issac Jr. died April 10, 1889 in Andrew, Missouri. UNDER CONSTRCTION, COME AGAIN AND SEE!

The Children of Isaac Popplewell Jr.

Thomas Popplewell
William Popplewell
John Popplewell
Richard Popplewell
Chamberlain Popplewell
Flint Popplewell
Mason Popplewell
My line
Isaac B. Popplewell
Elizabeth Popplewell
Peggy Popplewell
Purneate Popplewell
Davis Popplewell
Monroe Popplewell