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Why Do a Family Tree?

The dictionary says, "genealogy, the study of family lineage.' Genealogies have been around since ancient times. Family lineage was originally transmitted through word of mouth, and later through written records. Genealogies flourished in the Middle Ages because feudalism made status and the transference of worldly goods dependent on family lines. Since the 18th century genealogy has developed into a subsidiary discipline, serving sociology, genetics, history, and the law. Mary Webb in Precious Bane, 1924 stated, "The past is only the present become invisible and mute: and because it is invisible and mute, its memorized glances and its murmurs are infinitely precious." The studies of our roots give us names, information, idea and ideals. It can point out our mistakes and our accomplishments. It can embarrass and give us pride. No matter why we do it, or why we want to know, it has given us kinship. We the Popplewells will not be invisible or mute, we will record our heritage for the future generations. The Popplewell Family Association has given us all new friends and family. George Popplewell my father coined the word cousin to refer to each other. A cousin is a relative descended from a common ancestor, such as a grand parent or many generations pasted. The words seem to establish kinship. Frederick W. Turner, III, wrote, "There is no History waiting for us like some giant and architecturally perfect edifice that we will at long last discover in the tangled growth of an intellectual forest. History does not exist for us until and unless we dig it up, interpret it, and put it together. Then the past comes alive, or, more accurately, it is revealed for what it has always been--a part of the present." I hope the pages I have recorded will be the beginning of making our history alive. I want to find out about the people, the place, the events, the feelings, the why, what, how when, and where’s of our history. Let us as a group give to our children and our children’s children the roots of the Popplewells. We as parents, grandparents and beyond own this to the members of our family tree. The Popplewell name has several different meanings. One is, "the well by the poplar-tree. What ever the name means, it is our roots, our heritage, we owe it to our future generations to plant our trees on paper so they do not forget the struggles, the joys, and the memories.

Decendents of Issac Popplewell Jr.
This is my family

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Grace H. Lundeen(Popplewell)

SPELLINGS FOR POPPLEWELL THAT I HAVE FOUND! Poppelwell, Popelwell, Popwell, Poppawell, Popawell, Poplarwell, Poppwell, Poplewell, Poppliwell, Poplowell, Popplowell, Poppewell, Popplewill, Popplawell, Popplawill, Pophurwell I WILL ADD THE SPELLING AS I FIND THEM.

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